Mom's home in Boscabel, St. Mary. Mom's home in Boscabel, St. Mary. Seaside surrounding James Bond Beach Seaside surrounding James Bond Beach, Oracabessa 54011357 Banana trees in the 1/4 acre behind mom's home 54011358 Banana and plantain trees behind the house 54011359 1/4 acre plot currently planted with Bread fruit, banana, plantain, coconut trees and garden vegetables. 54011360 Boscabel: typical flora and fauna 54011361 Boscabel: grow your own organic food 54011362 Boscabel: quiet, residential, nice neighbour, many Jamaican expatriates/returnees 54011363 boscabel, nice. 54011364 Mom's home overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Look for the peach coloured house. 54011365 Mom's home overlooking Caribbean Sea 54011366 House and Garden 54011367 House and garden 54011368 Front yard. Foliage: Leaf of Life, Ginger Rose, Crotons, Flame Trees, Hibiscus. 54011369 Front yard and beyond 54011370 Golden Isles (Oracabessa, St. Mary). Scheduled for development of exclusive million dollar celebrity condos. (the rich and famous?) 54011371 From the road at the base of mom's yard travellers can pick up taxis, buses, private cabs. New Highway (Main Street) which runs east-to-west along the north coast of Jamaica. 54011372 The Hwy allows easy access to Ocho Rios (7 miles away), Montego Bay Airport (1-2 hours drive), Runaway Bay and many other tourist attractions. The new Boscabel Airport is slated for development to allow Island flights from Kingston/Montego Bay directly to north coast. Boscabel Aerodome (1 mile to the west) is currently an express post package airfield. 54011373 Golden Isles (Oracabessa, St. Mary Jamaica) as it appears from mom's home 54011374 James Bond Beach/Golden Isles (20 minutes walk and 5 minutes drive from Mom's home) 54011375 The peach coloured house on the hillside (view from James Bond Beach/Golden Isles) across the bay. 54046366