When you volunteer you help us to support: Education, Social Innovation, rehabilitation from violence, strengthening youth....

Posted by arkcompassionate on June 18, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Karline (nurse, midwife and teacher) shares her heart for the plight of children (young girls in particular) who are survivors of violence......There are tools that we can use to help children who are oppressed. These include: education of girls & boys starting with preschool, adolescent-centered maternity care for pregnant teens, tutoring and mentoring opportunities for school-aged children, vocational training for young adults, social innovation using local creativity, transforming culture to adopt the culture of heaven....discovering God's "crown of beauty instead of ashes"(Isaiah 61:3)

CONTACT US IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE VOLUNTEER TEAM TO JAMAICA IN DECEMBER.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN "EXPERT"....YOU JUST NEED TO BE WILLING TO HELP.:D  You might want to distribute school supplies, clothing or food.  You may have experience working with children and youth.  You may want to help with a building project to provide adequate housing for a family.  You may want to take some blood pressures or test some blood sugars.  You may want to take someone to their maternity clinic appointment.  You may want to help babysit while mom's in a meeting/counseling session.  You may want to just be there to listen....You may want to perform in a drama or musical. You  may want to just hang out and be a good listener.  You may want to play games or sports.  You may want to help with the driving.  You may want to help with the cooking.  Even if you can't go, you may want to sponsor someone who can.....You may want to....the list goes on....!:)

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